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Saturday video break: Existential Blues

I’m sure I have a few Dr. Demento fans in my reading audience. As such, I’m sure you’re familiar with Tom “T-Bone” Stankus and his stream of consciousness masterpiece:

There are some better videos that show Stankus singing, with some bonus monologue thrown in, but they both have embedding disabled. These videos are here and here. I’ve said this before, but I’ve actually been to Butte, Montana, and I regret that I didn’t call out “Is this really Butte, Montana, or just existential blues?” as we entered the city limits. In another life, I suppose.

You would think this would be a challenging song to cover. That didn’t stop Mr. Bungle:

Yes, it’s a medley with “Pencil Neck Geek”, another Demento staple. Here’s another version with somewhat better audio. Enjoy!

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