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Weekend link dump for March 22

California > Texas when it comes to business. Don’t tell Greg Abbott, his head might explode.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is as revolutionary now as it was 18 years ago.

“This is like watching bad cosplayers fight at the Comic-Con hotel bar, except a person has actually died here.”

“We had a lot compared to others, but what we didn’t have was a future. I think a big part of why my parents risked everything was for me, so I could have a future.”

It’s the economy, not interest rates, that are distorted.”

So I guess John Oliver didn’t fill out a bracket this year.

Mike Huckabee is basically a con man at this point.

“And in a contest of theological devotion, feigned fanaticism will usually lose out to the genuine kind.”

Standardized reading tests should end in third grade, not begin there.

“Just as our own age does, the late 19th and early 20th century attracted a goodly share of two-bit moralists who confused cause and effect when it came to the lives of the lower classes.”

“This means that Christians have been free for almost two millennia to depict Jesus in a form that best suits their own culture and purposes, and they have.”

How much would you have paid to buy the state of Alabama? And how did it get onto eBay, anyway?

“Lacey is glad she went with the amputation, but that didn’t make things easy. She still struggles with nerve pain. She jokes about her sasquatch foot, but it bothered her. And while a big ugly rubber foot might seem like a trivial thing, it’s indicative of a bigger issue: Prosthetic devices have long been created by men, for men.”

“While it’s true that any democracy gives extra influence to those who care the most, no polity that deliberately discourages large numbers of citizens from participation is a true democracy.”

The hidden history of miscarriages.

“In other words, Americans are becoming better and better behaved in almost every way.”

“Prison is horrible for the prisoner and expensive for the state.”

“The IRS may broaden a looming controversial rule to police political nonprofits to include political parties and political action committees“. About damn time, if you ask me.

RIP, Lucy Coffey, oldest female US military veteran.

“And who is to say that Bishop’s new religion mustn’t also include slot machines, table games, smoking indoors, all-nude dancers, and the sacraments of ecstasy and marijuana? If he’s sincere in his religious beliefs, why shouldn’t his sincerity be just as legally determinative as the sincerity of the owners of Hobby Lobby?”

“Parents these days are so sensitive. A celebrity chef’s new baby food book has been pulled from publication just because it has the slight side effect of possibly killing babies. Do these people not get how the free market works?”

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