Weekend link dump for May 17

You do not have the constitutional right to sing in a post office. Does Ted Cruz know about this?

A whole bunch of African rhinos may get relocated to South Texas.

“The bottom line is that Brown Recluse spiders are extremely common in some areas but hardly ever bite anyone, and totally absent from vast areas where they are blamed, incorrectly, for the occasional lesion.”

“Republicans keep saying they’ll be ready to act if the Supreme Court upholds the big legal challenge to Obamacare, thereby wiping out financial assistance for millions of people in two-thirds of the states. With the clock ticking down to a ruling, it’s gotten awfully hard to take the GOP’s vows seriously.”

“The birth rate for unmarried women has actually gone down 14 percent since its peak in 2008.”

Blame your parents if you get bitten by mosquitoes a lot.

“But I’d like to talk about the next four months, in which Simmons is still with ESPN but is essentially a lame duck. What does employment law say about this awkward interim period?”

There’s a petition to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Yogi Berra.

Is this the end of the line for Bill Cosby?

“For those keeping score at home, if you’re white, you can apparently refuse to take your hands out of your pockets and threaten to kill a cop while sporting a tattoo of the Number of the Beast on your forehead. But Freddie Gray is dead because he “made eye contact” with a police officer.”

Lawsuit filed against Rolling Stone and the reporter who wrote that bogus UVa rape story.

“The Obama administration said Monday that health plans must offer at least one option for every type of prescription birth control free of charge to consumers.”

Deflategate class. Lawyers, man.

Grissom and Willows will return as CSI gets a two-hour movie finale.

“Harriet Tubman won an online poll asking which woman should be featured on the $20 bill, as part of a movement to push President Obama to support the idea.”

“Asian workers are far less likely than whites to end up in the leadership ranks.”

Actions have consequences, even for loutish soccer fans.

“A first of its kind study has found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual men and women face troubling amounts of homophobia at all levels of sports, from the youth ranks to the pros.”

“However, now that same-sex marriage is possible in a majority of states, a number of employers there are cutting benefits for same-sex couples who don’t legally wed”.

“One woman was desperate enough to ask her rapist to help fund the abortion.”

RIP, William Zinsser, teacher and author of On Writing Well.

RIP, B.B. King, legendary bluesman.

“But the truth is painful and clear: Iraq wasn’t a good faith mistake. It was a calamity based on lies and willful deceptions. Much of that was clear at the time. It’s all clear now.”

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Uh-huh. Private citizens will take in “re-homed” African rhinos. And when the babies are weaned? “Oh, Martha, we have to give it to a zoo; it’s like those pythons in Florida. It’s just too big for us to care for. ‘Course, we could just barbecue him and take the horn.”

    I’d say better to set aside an area the size of the King Ranch and plop ’em all down there. But who’s to say no Texans will be tempted to harvest $360K worth of horn and there’ll be no poaching?

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