Further lessons in throwing money at dishonest people

It’s so sad seeing such savvy businessmen being so badly fleeced, isn’t it?

A second major donor to the conservative group that secretly recorded elected officials and lobbyists says he stopped providing financial support after growing dissatisfied with how his money was being used.

Anthony Holm, a staple in Texas conservative circles and a consultant who has worked on behalf of top statewide Republicans, including former Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General Ken Paxton, tapped a Virginia-based nonprofit that he runs to give a $150,000 grant to the American Phoenix Foundation in 2011, tax filings show.


According to IRS filings, Holm used his First Amendment Alliance Educational Fund, a tax exempt group whose website says it is “committed to exposing corruption and inconsistencies in government action and the public sector,” to make the six-figure grant to the American Phoenix Foundation.

In a statement Friday, Holm said funded the American Phoenix Foundation while its efforts were focused outside of Texas, noting that he knew nothing of the group’s recent plans to covertly record the state’s political elite. All funding and contact with the American Phoenix Foundation, he said, quickly came to a halt following his donation four years ago.

“Shortly after funding APF, I became uncomfortable with their operations and ceased supporting them,” Holm said. “I have not been in communication with the organization in three or four years.”

See here for the background. Holm was the mouthpiece for Ken Paxton who kept assuring us all that those charges filed against him were nothing but a liberal plot, so you’d think he’d be familiar with the kind of dishonesty that powers groups like APF, but apparently not. The lesson here to me is that some people just have more money than they can reasonably use or keep track of. Higher marginal tax rates would help spare them this kind of embarrassment in the future. I’m sure they’ll understand.

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