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Wilson thwarted again

Dave Wilson’s latest troll job: applying for a spot in the annual Pride parade. It did not go well.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

Wilson told me he received preliminary approval to appear in the parade, and paid $805 in fees. He said he crossed out portions of the contract that said he supports LGBT equality. He planned to drive a 1956 Cadillac convertible, dressed as a groom with a woman dressed as a bride, dragging tin cans behind. On the side of the car would be signs advocating “traditional marriage” between a man and a woman.

“I thought the homosexual community was inclusive, nondiscriminatory, tolerant, all of those things they say,” Wilson told me. “It sounds like to me I fit right in … and I think if they do anything other than that, they’ll prove that they’re not.

“I don’t care if the Supreme Court and everybody else in the whole world thinks the other way, I’m never gonna change what I think,” he added. “You can’t reproduce with two of the same sex. It’s suicide to a culture if everybody is homosexual, so just from that standpoint, it’s not the right behavior for a culture to adopt and to praise and to propagate. It’s a suicidal lifestyle.”

After I contacted Pride Houston about Wilson’s entry, they informed me that he’d been rejected.

“This was actually an issue that was being addressed late last night by the Board,” Pride Houston’s David Ly said Friday. “Houstonians for Family Values did register and pay in full, however they were not fully approved. The contract they submitted had many lines struck out which go against Pride Houston’s mission. Therefore they will get a full refund and will not participate in the parade. They are being contacted.”

Note carefully Wilson’s inability or unwillingness to follow simple instructions, something that is a common occurrence with him. Again, though, actually getting to be part of the parade wasn’t his goal here. His goal, as always, is to get attention for himself and to paint himself as a poor persecuted victim of official oppression. It’s what he does and what he has done for a long time, with the same obsessive zeal as any stereotyped RPGer or fantasy sports fanatic. One might be tempted to feel some pity for him if he weren’t such a loathsome slug.

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  1. Noel Freeman says:

    If Mr. Wilson feels he is being discriminated against, he’s in luck – there is an ordinance for that – the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. He can complain to the OIG.

  2. Julian Deleon says:

    I’m convinced Dave Wilson is gay (and I’m being serious).