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McKellen to play Dumbledore

Sir Ian McKellen is set to take over the role of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies from the late Richard Harris. I’m glad to hear it.

The story goes on to note that the producers’ first choice was apparently still Richard Harris, using available footage and computer animation. After having seen the creepy effect of Nancy Marchand’s head grafted onto another woman’s body in Episode Two of Season Three of The Sopranos, I’m beside myself with relief that they’ve chosen a living replacement.
UPDATE: Or maybe he won’t. Durn British tabloids. Thanks to Greg Morrow, who pointed this out in the comments.

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  1. Jack Cluth says:

    A truly inspired choice. McKellen is, in my humble opinion, the single most talented actor walking the Earth.

  2. Dunno if I’d go that far, but his performance as a hellfire-and-brimstone preacher in the extremely funny 1996 production of Cold Comfort Farm is what convinced me he could play Gandalf.

  3. Greg Morrow says:

    Debunked, as reported by SciFiWire, et al.