He’s gone

Didn’t take long to find out Captain Mark Aguirre’s fate: He’s fired.

Acting Police Chief Tim Oettmeier announced Aguirre’s firing during a briefing to City Council on the Kmart raids.

“What we witnessed was nothing more than the political lynching of Aguirre and they used Oettmeier as the henchman,” said Aguirre’s attorney, Terry Yates.

Aguirre, who had his first chance to speak out today, said the department is using him as a scapegoat and HPD is trying to paint him as a rogue.

“They treated me like a department pinata,” Aguirre said. “This department is hopelessly corrupt and this is a grotesque charade posing as justice.”

It should get more fun from here, now that Aguirre has no reason not to speak up. I don’t expect any bombshell revelations from Aguirre, but the bluster ought to be worth a few giggles.

One thing not mentioned in this story but noted on the Channel 11 newscast is that the union is not standing by Aguirre. Given that they vocally backed all of the other officers who were up for discipline, that says something to me. I don’t know what will happen at Aguirre’s trial, but it’s pretty much him against the world at this point.

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  1. R. Alex says:

    As I understand it, Agguire’s never had a good relationship with the unions.

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