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Not bad:

The story:


Supporters of Houston’s equal rights ordinance released their first official radio ad Friday, countering opponents’ claim that the law presents a public safety threat and seeking to reframe the debate before voters consider the issue in November.

The ad, airing on seven local stations during the next two weeks, features Servants of Christ United Methodist Church Rev. Will Reed tackling the message that critics of the law released last week in a one-minute radio spot. In the piece, a young woman said the non-discrimination ordinance allows men to enter women’s restrooms – which she called “filthy” and “unsafe.”

Critics of the law have long alleged that it would allow male sexual predators dressed in drag to enter womens’ restrooms.

“What’s being lost is that it’s already illegal to go into a bathroom to harm or harass someone,” Reed says in the ad. “This law won’t change that. We looked into it, and HERO is actually about providing a needed local tool to protect Houstonians from discrimination based on their race, religion, age, gender, military status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.”

Houston Unites staff said the media buy cost about $100,000 and will air for two weeks on KHMX-FM, KKBQ/KTHT-FM, KODA-FM, KPRC-AM, KTRH-AM, RODA-FM and RTRH-AM.

That’s as much as the antis’ ad buy. If you listed to terrestrial radio in Houston, you’re probably not going to be able to avoid these ads for the foreseeable future. As for the content itself, it’s good, I like it. I hope it’s effective. There will be a lot more to the campaign than this, but it’s good to get this part of it going. Soundcloud link via Stace.

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10 Responses to Houston Unites’ first ad

  1. Paul Kubosh says:

    It is a good ad. No doubt about it. Both sides have dueling Pastors.

  2. Jason Hochman says:

    But the thing about this ordinance, is that although it protects discrimination based on sexual orientation, is I bet that a straight person who faced discrimination from a gay person would be laughed out of court, just as would a man who was a victim of discrimination by a woman. Gay people do discriminate, as well as straight people.

  3. Manuel Barrera says:

    Jason, you are correct it is not about equal rights as it does not cover everyone, nothing equal about that.

    The act that gave protection to certain class of persons was called the Civil Rights Act, not the Equal Rights Act. But Equal Rights for all sounds so beautiful much easier to sell.

    The tax poll tax was equal, as are the ID laws, the question is how does it impact certain groups of people.

  4. Julain Deleon says:

    It is interesting to me that Michael Kubosh would throw his colleagues on City Council under the bus by suggesting they would vote for an Ordinance that is illegal (e.g., allowing a man to dress as a woman to enter a women’s restroom…). Many feel Kubosh is doing this for political gain. Kubosh has had many opportunities to set the record straight, but he prefers to speak at places of worship and further perpetuate his attack on African Americans, Latinos, Veterans, Disabled, LGBT community, etc.

    Michael Kubosh works at City Hall, so the excuse he was not included will not work. He has no problem asking for a vote, so he should have no problem seeking to understand.

  5. Manuel Barrera says:

    Julian, Paul will ignore you, but you keep placing fibs online. At least tell us who you really are.

    So why do you hate churches and religion so much? Is that for all religions or only some religions? That is not a trick question.

  6. Bill Daniels says:

    Julain has a real future spamming comment boards with work-from-home scams.

  7. Julian, you have left this same comment on multiple posts now. It is basically spam at this point. Please stop repeating yourself. Thanks.

  8. Julain Deleon says:

    Charles, The comment is left over-and-over again to make sure the point sticks. I am sure your understand.

  9. Jules says:

    Julain, no matter how many times you make that comment it makes no sense. There is no point to stick. It’s basically unintelligible.

  10. I understand what you are trying to do. You have done it. Please move on. Thanks.

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