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Weekend link dump for September 20

Maybe it’s not that the voters are angry but the the politicians are angry, and the mood is catching.

“The surge in [student loan] defaults was largely concentrated among relatively older, lower-income students who attended for-profit colleges.”

Your Internet-connected baby monitor may be a ripe target for hackers.

Foreseeing the iPad Pro in 2012.

Honestly, just the words giant virus make me nervous.

“The [New Horizons] probe will reach Kuiper Belt Object 2014 MU69 in January 2019.”

RIP, Moses Malone, legendary NBA center.

Burning Man sues Quiznos over a parody ad.

The Miss America Pageant apologizes to Vanessa Williams after 32 years. Better late than never, I guess.

Propose $3.4 trillion in new government spending and you’d be laughed out of the country. But propose $3.4 trillion in tax cuts for the rich, and the media basically gives you a pass.

Congrats to Eva Asderaki-Moore, first woman to sit in the umpire’s chair at the the U.S. Open men’s final.

“The US is a giant country. We can take in way more refugees than we do, and the moral case for doing so doesn’t even depend on the fact that we’ve helped to nudge them out of their homes.”

“But pre-gentrification New York, that’s something to does not go on. It survives as a copy, a gutter-glittering object of exploitation, in simulacra like that crappy CBGB movie and (I assume) the upcoming Scorsese thing and so on. But it also lives in the sustaining blood of old guttersnipe hearts like mine.”

Looks like Bernie Sanders has deeply spooked the Wall Street Journal.

It’s okay to criticize Caitlyn Jenner for what she says about LGBT folks.

“This is the moment when I figured out that Bartolo Colon is the apotheosis of humankind: He’s reached the point where the less he gives a shit, the more we love him. That’s where I want to live.”

Congrats to April Goss, the second woman to score a point in an NCAA football game.

Are you ready for a Hart to Hart remake with a same-sex couple at the, um, heart of it?

This picture of Nichelle Nichols in space is the best thing you’ll see today. Except maybe for this picture.

Two words: Turd Ferguson. You’re welcome.

There was lots of BS about vaccines during the 97-hour GOP Presidential debate.

RIP, Milo Hamilton, Hall of Fame baseball broadcaster who called Hank Aaron’s 715th home run.

More amazing Pluto pictures, with plenty more still to come.

RIP, Jackie Collins, bestselling author and sister of Joan Collins.

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  1. Gary Bennett says:

    On the iPad Pro: the key event that happened here was the death of Steve Jobs. His was the major voice against all sorts of innovations that violated his esthetic sense, including being insufficiently miniaturized, having user-accessible innards or making use of a stylus. Similar objections during his first tenure at Apple caused the company to offer only closed box machines that were subject to overheating because they were too small and had no fans to control heating (worst case scenarios: the Apple III, an abject failure as a machine and commodity; and the original Macintosh, seriously underpowered) — when the public judgment was seriously different from his own, as with the beloved Apple II, he choked off that machine’s development and nearly drove the company to bankruptcy before he was ousted. Fortunately, by the time he returned to the company a decade kater, serious advances in semiconductor miniaturization had made some of his visions practical.