Saturday video break: Here Comes The Flood

Here comes a very young Peter Gabriel, doing a very acoustic piano version of “Here Comes The Flood”:

That was from a 1979 Kate Bush Christmas special. Who knew Kate Bush had a Christmas special? Who knew that was a Christmas song? All I know is that I’m glad this was a thing that happened.

I have a cover version by Robert Fripp, but I’d rather give you this video of Gabriel and Fripp, also from 1979:

Clearly, 1979 was a good year.

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One Response to Saturday video break: Here Comes The Flood

  1. Katy Anders says:

    How weird must that Kate Bush Christmas special have been?

    I love this song. The original, which was on Gabriel’s first solo album, was undermined by Bob Ezrin’s trademark over-production.

    He closed with this wwhen I saw him at the Summit (when I was very young), and he’d shaved off even more of the anthemic edge to it, which made it even better IMHO.

    Now I need to go listen to Peter Gabriel 1.

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