30 day finance reports, citywide races

Here’s a brief summary of the 30 Day campaign finance reports that I’ve been able to find, some of which are on this page and some of which are findable via the normal campaign finance report website, and all of which are collected on my Election 2015 page. First up, the Mayoral candidates:

Candidate Raised Spent Loans On Hand =================================================== Bell 126,563 240,035 0 91,901 Costello 266,845 871,109 90,000 696,539 Garcia 584,916 1,060,457 0 831,284 Hall 57,859 111,417 850,000 758,618 King 284,031 626,621 650,000 322,474 McVey Turner 526,516 1,265,239 0 507,099 Ferreira Lane 11,105 14,467 9,000 5,457 Munoz Nguyen 150 0 5,000 150 Smith Steffes

I’ve separated the “real” candidates from the “minor” candidates. Marty McVey did file a 30-day report but the totals on cover sheet page 2 are wrong; the Chron’s Rebecca Elliott did the pencil work to tot things up if you’re interested. Neither Sylvester Turner nor Adrian Garcia slowed down after their torrid initial pace, thought both Steve Costello and Bill King weren’t as prolific. On the spending side, I’ve seen plenty of Costello ads on my TV lately, as well as a handful of Turner ads; Turner has been all over my Internet, but all of the “real” candidates minus Hall have had multiple sponsored Facebook posts on my feed. I keep wondering when I’m going to see an Adrian Garcia ad on the tube.

The Controllers:

Candidate Raised Spent Loans On Hand =================================================== Boney Brown 42,820 181,923 0 106,165 Frazer 58,375 80,377 32,500 58,293 Jefferson Khan 84,950 5,495 5,100 81,290 Robinson 14,050 17,556 0 1,527

No report as yet from Jew Don Boney or Dwight Jefferson. That’s a pretty decent haul for MJ Khan given how late he entered the race. He also had an ad running during the fourth quarter of the Monday Night Football game between the Steelers and Chargers. I’m about 99% certain it was a rerun of one of his Controller ads from 2009. I’ve seen several Chris Brown ads on TV, but nothing from anyone else. Brown, Bill Frazer, and Carroll Robinson have been in my Facebook feeds.

At Large races:

Candidate Raised Spent Loans On Hand =================================================== Griffin 1,000 1,600 0 895 Knox 22,940 11,370 0 9,349 Lewis 40,164 64,479 100 48,803 McCasland 60,978 33,222 0 112,443 Oliver 9,400 7,840 0 25,230 PartschGalvan Pool Provost 1,956 6,841 0 543 Candidate Raised Spent Loans On Hand =================================================== Burks 2,525 1,906 0 618 Davis 7,000 662 0 7,000 Dick 0 103,772 0 0 Rivera Robinson 27,596 40,188 0 121,348 Candidate Raised Spent Loans On Hand =================================================== Kubosh 39,025 46,255 25,000 41,306 LaRue 13,250 4,524 0 8,725 McElligott Peterson 10,225 9,886 0 2,271 Candidate Raised Spent Loans On Hand =================================================== Blackmon 27,285 34,500 0 0 Edwards 131,417 61,327 0 191,445 Hansen Morales 17,495 30,042 2,200 3,786 Murphy 670 5,125 14,045 167 Robinson 29,050 25,923 15,040 35,886 Thompson 0 1,850 0 0 Candidate Raised Spent Loans On Hand =================================================== Batteau 0 0 0 0 Christie 33,202 50,153 0 84,899 Moses 550 1,418 0 0 Nassif 29,690 27,558 0 14,368 Tahir

Candidates with blanks next to their names had no reports I could find. I’ve given some details in the posts about the At Large #4 and At Large #1 races, and Greg covered some of this ground last week. I like to think of campaign finance reports as being one part about who people want to see win, and one part about who (some other) people think actually will win. To whatever extent that holds true, you can see who the betting favorites are. It’s not destiny, of course – as I said, it’s more like Vegas – but it does tell you something. What are your guesses for these races? Leave a comment and let us know.

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5 Responses to 30 day finance reports, citywide races

  1. PDiddie says:

    Seen no ads on teevee, never see any ads in my FB timeline (that’s a feature).

    Couple mailers this week and last for people I’m not voting for. If anybody has called me, they haven’t left a message.

    Got three door hangers during the summer, maybe September. Turner, Hall, and somebody else. Barely any yard signs in my ‘hood, mostly Frazer followed by Costello. My precinct is swingy; blue in presidential years, red in midterms. Mostly Republicans active in the pct. association and there’s currently a running battle on open carry/concealed carry on my Nextdoor listserv.

    Maybe 42% really are undecided…

  2. Julain Deleon says:

    There is chatter about Herlinda Garcia’s finance report and not because the usual suspects are donors. It appears she added her total political contributions and total expenditures together to come up with cash on-hand.

    This could very well lead to a Texas Ethics charge if someone makes a fuss about it.

  3. Steve Houston says:

    I used to see Hall’s ads on TV both nothing lately. Then it was ironic to see a King add during a show called Heroes Reborn (considering his stance on the HERO ordinance) but Garcia and Turner have been burning up the airwaves of late with ads that are all over the place. I’ve seen one Costello ad this season too.

    Has anyone asked if they are targeting specific shows, times of day, etc? I’d be curious to know how much conscious thought went into the ad placement.

  4. Eastender says:

    I’ve seen Herlinda’s report as well. What is more disturbing to me than a potential ethics violation, is her inability to do simple math or pay attention to what she’s doing. She’ll never gain any traction anyway, so it is kind of a moot point. On the at-larges, I think incumbents will all get re-elected, (although personally there are a couple I would like to see go, but I’m not holding my breath). We will have run-offs between Amanda Edwards & Laurie Robinson, with Amanda prevailing, Lane Lewis and Tom McCasland, with Lewis prevailing. I think the other district incumbents will probably get re-elected. Mayor’s race is a tough one. I’m thinking it will be a run off between Turner and either Garcia or King. If it is King, then I think Turner will prevail, with Garcia, I think he will have more cross over appeal so that match up is harder to call.

  5. Greg Wythe says:

    “I’m about 99% certain it was a rerun of one of his Controller ads from 2009.”

    Make that 100%.

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