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Now that’s a double latte!

I feel the need to drive some new Google searches to this site, so I’m happy to point out that Playboy will be photographing the Women of Starbucks later this year. As a dedicated non-drinker of coffee, let me say that this will probably be more tasteful than what usually comes out of Starbucks.

Amusing sidebar: Normally, the Chron‘s “Newsmakers” section on Page 2 just lifts a paragraph from stories like this without any additional content. Today, though, they added a distinctly Houston spin to it:

Hold on to your travel mugs: Playboy Magazine is planning a “Women of Starbucks” pictorial for late 2003. The monster coffee chain offered a frosty reaction to the brewing controversy on Thursday, saying it doesn’t endorse the project. Nonetheless, the magazine — inspired by the success of similar spreads featuring Enron and 7-Eleven employees — has given baristas everywhere an April 1 deadline to submit pictures that would make Mr. Coffee blush. With more than 100 stores in Houston — including one on each side of the intersection at Gray and Shepherd — it’s a good bet Playboy will select a latte lady from the Bayou City. Especially if they used to work at Enron.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and admire the Chron‘s ability to do Houston boosterism.

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