Spring break takes its toll

We had three and two kids for the last two practices, today and Thursday. HISD is now on spring break, so some kids are out of town (including two who are off at spring training), and Thursday was a school trip to San Antonio. Tuesday was well attended, though.

With the smaller number of kids, we’ve mostly done batting practice. I’m finally figuring out the best way to pitch to the kids, just in time to have them pitch to themselves. All three of the guys who were there today took a turn pitching, and all three did all right. Two of them were ones I hadn’t really considered as hurlers. I may have more options on the mound than I’d first thought. That’s a good thing.

Tuesday we ran through infield and outfield drills. I now know that I can hit fly balls on demand. Major leaguers call it hitting fungoes. Don’t ask me where that word came from (you are of course welcome to Google it if you’re so inclined). For the most part, the guys who were best at catching fly balls were ones who’ve done well everywhere I’ve put them. I’m not sure how I’m going to juggle all of these guys. The league allows free substitution, which will help a little even though it’ll make keeping the lineup card chaotic.

We discovered an equipment issue on Tuesday. There’s no chest protector, and the shinguards are too big. I’ve been playing phone tag with the league’s equipment guy to get this straightened out. I was supposed to meet him after Thursday’s practice but he never caled me back. Annoying.

I also heard through Tiffany that the real field may not be ready in time for the season. Apparently, the city inspector has red-tagged it for improper drainage. Naturally, it’s the city Parks Department that’s building the damn thing. It would be funny if it weren’t so inconvenient. More grist for Kevin‘s mill.

No practice Tuesday – the field is unavailable for the next two Tuesdays. We’re going to go back to the batting cage on the 28th. I’m a little concerned that I haven’t seen anyone hit for any power yet. Almost no batted balls have made it to the outfield. Maybe that’s an indictment of my pitching, I don’t know. Maybe we’ll see when the kids pitch to themselves.

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