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What he said

Just wanted to pop up for a second from my secure undisclosed location to note the following quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski from this interview in In The National Interest:

While at this stage it is too early to make any categorical judgments, it would appear that before too long, it is in the interest of U.S. credibility–especially the Bush Administration’s credibility–to demonstrate tangibly that Iraq has–or has had–weapons of mass destruction.  (Since Saddam is fighting for his life it would be surprising, and rather strange, if he didn’t use the weapons of mass destruction that he is said to have.)  Secondly, one would also hope that there will be more evident demonstrations that the Iraqi people are welcoming their “liberation.” 

Both issues, after all, were central to the U.S. case for undertaking what has been undertaken.

You can say that again.

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  1. Bill Shirley says:

    Interesting 2 points. There was a recent editorial by Thomas L. Friedman with 6 things we need to “win” (the war and the piece). He left out the demonstration of heinous WMD, but the points he had I believe were valid. One was determine why there are not more demonstrations of welcoming liberation.

    the article and my opinions of it,


  2. Chuck Nolan says:

    Tje WMD’s that Saddam has are still waiting in trucks in Kuwait. When things quiet down a bit, we’ll bring them in and discover them. Count on it.