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March traffic report

March was my second-best month for traffic, beating out last December by a nose at just over 6500 visitors. It actually started out slowly, then got a strong boost when Sean-Paul blogrolled me.

The visible counter on the lower right rolled past 50,000 right after April began. That counter was installed immediately when this site came online, when my old blog was still active. At this rate, I expect to have had about 70,000 visitors in my first full year on this site.

As always, thanks to everyone for visiting and for coming back. The top referrers and search engine queries for March are beneath the More link.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc


Weblog referrers

697: The Agonist
616: Electrolite
465: Daily Kos
280: Amish Tech Support
196: Atrios
122: Matthew Yglesias
97:  Tom Spencer
96:  Calpundit
90:  Owen Courreges
84:  Garden Spot
72:  Ted Barlow
66:  Cooped Up
62:  Coffee Corner

Top search terms

#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
85: delma banks
76: pro war cartoons
58: prime number algorithm
57: dan morales
56: hooters airline
52: women of enron
46: ron kirk
46: debbie clemens
43: marnie rose
39: wicked weasel
37: hooters airplane
29: mastercard moments
29: shari daugherty
27: girls with glasses
26: welcome to north korea
23: ut hacker
21: talk like a pirate day
21: dr marnie rose
21: stan goff
19: redneck neighbor

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