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RIP, Yale Street post office

It’s gone.

Clues could have been the overgrown landscaping, multiple notices taped to the doors and, for the keenest observer, the bare pole without a U.S. flag or clanging metal cables.

Headed back to his SUV on Thursday, one man with an envelope threw up his hands and yelled to a lady scurrying to the door with a package: “They moved!”

Indeed, the plan for the Yale Street post office in the Heights at 11th Street to relocate operations has come to pass.

The new station opened this week in a remodeled annex at 1300 W. 19th Street, though the consumer entrance and drive-up drop box is on 18th Street. The location is near where 18th, 19th and 20th streets pitchfork near East T.C. Jester.


In January 2015, a posted notice on the Yale Street station indicated a pending “disposal action.”

Which I noted at the time. Since then, both of the adjoining locations that were under development have opened. The former Citgo across Yale is now Eight Row Flint, which looks promising, while the large space across 11th at Heights is now one of those walk-in emergency clinics, which I hope to never need. (It’s gotten mixed reviews on the neighborhood chat boards, for what it’s worth.) No idea at this time what the Yale post office location will become, I’m just rooting for something interesting.

As for the new post office on W 19th, I try to avoid that part of town precisely because that three-road “pitchfork” is a pain to deal with. Besides, the location on Cavalcade is a bit closer. Neither is more convenient to me than the old station was, but that’s the way it goes.

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