Sebesta remains disbarred


Anthony Graves

The disciplinary board of the Texas State Bar on Monday affirmed the agency’s decision to disbar Charles Sebesta, the former prosecutor who oversaw the wrongful death sentence of Anthony Graves.

Graves, who spent 18 years in prison, including 12 on death row, for a fiery multiple murder he did not commit, filed a complaint against Sebesta in January 2014. He asked the Bar to hold Sebesta accountable for withholding critical evidence of his innocence.

“The bar stepped in to say that’s not the way our criminal justice system should work,” Graves said. “This is a good day for justice.”


In their ruling on the Sebesta’s disbarrment Monday, the disciplinary board called his conduct in the Graves case “egregious.”

The board’s decision on Sebesta’s appeal is final.

See here for the background. At the time of the appeal, Sebesta’s attorney said the board’s decision would be final, which I take to mean he won’t try to find some other avenue to keep fighting this, like a lawsuit or something. I hope that’s the case, and I hope this will finally force the man to come to terms with his actions, and to try to make amends while he still can. I don’t expect that he will, but I hope that he will. If not, he will forever serve as a bad example.

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    Pride proceedeth the fall.

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