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May traffic report

May was my busiest month ever by a lot, with about 8100 visits, according to Sitemeter. That’s over 1500 hits more than my previous high water mark. Without a doubt, the story of the Killer D’s drove much of that traffic. Links from usual suspects like Atrios and Daily Kos, links from new places like Political Wire, The Burnt Orange Report, and a Salon Table Talk thread, and folks who came here having read my coverage at the Political State Report were among the big contributors. There appears to have been a residual effect as well – my normal weekday traffic has topped 300 per day, about a 20% increase. I had my 75,000th visitor during May, and at the rate I’m going will get 80,000 in about a week and 100,000 in August. I’m pleased and humbled by this, and I’m very grateful to everyone for reading.

A full list of top referrers is underneath the More link. Thanks again for stopping by.

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Weblog referrers


2273: Atrios
1166: Daily Kos
361: Calpundit
323: Political Wire
310: The Burnt Orange Report
299: Political State Report
262: Tom Spencer
162: The Agonist
94: Salon Table Talk
69: Matthew Yglesias
69: Henry Lewis
63: Coffee Corner
58: The Sideshow
53: Ted Barlow
51: Cooped Up
50: Owen Courreges
Top search terms ================ #reqs: search term -----: ----------- 162: lea fastow 63: diane zamora 60: marnie rose 59: redneck neighbor 45: mastercard moments 40: prime number algorithm 32: perelman poincare 31: ron kirk 31: wicked weasel 25: women of enron 24: national talk like a pirate day 22: pro war cartoons 22: off the kuff 21: dr marnie rose 18: shari daugherty 16: beating drug tests 15: debbie clemens 15: recognized religions 14: tim robbins today show 14: vinko bogataj

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