Weekend link dump for April 10

Lots of corporations are getting nervous about being involved with the Republican national convention. As well they should.

“Thus, in America’s increasingly polarized political climate, the LDS Church has managed to do the impossible: maintain credibility among their ideological brethren (religious conservatives) while also winning praise from their political opponents (American progressives).”

The gas station was used as the set for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s barbecue restaurant will soon be opened as “a horror barbecue resort”.

Mathematical analysis suggests that Tyrion Lannister is the main protagonist of Game of Thrones.

“I was one of the not-so-many players to be given a chance to pursue my dream of being a Major League Baseball player. I was also one of the unfortunate closeted gay athletes who experienced years of homophobia in the sport I loved.”

RIP, Joseph Medicine Crow, acclaimed Native American historian, second world war veteran and last surviving war chief of Montana’s Crow tribe.

RIP, Erik Bauersfeld, actor who voiced Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar.

“But note: The Democrats used their brief two-year period of total control of both the White House and Congress to address head-on about a half-dozen problems, and tax evasion was one of them.”

Why do the laws of order and decency not apply to spaces where other people can’t tell you through basic social cues, or, barring that, Tasing, that you’re being a real asshole?”

“The Taurus Program, a partnership of ecologists, geneticists, historians and cattle breeders backed by Stichting Taurus, a Dutch nonprofit, is seeking to re-create the aurochs by crossbreeding modern cattle in a process known as back breeding. Laboratory-based genetic engineering is not required.”

“Seven New England Patriots fans sued the National Football League on Tuesday, asking a judge to reverse a decision by the league to strip the team of a first-round pick in this month’s draft over allegations of underinflated footballs.”

The celebrity implications of the Panama Papers.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to say about tiny houses and the people who want to live in them.

“So I guess you could say we have discovered an ‘old-but-new’ minnow way out in West Texas where nobody expected to find anything new, especially a fish”.

Well, that would be one way to end Game of Thrones. (Beware the comments, they’re spoiler-y if you’re like me and are still reading the books.)

“With so many different folks putting their stamp on the characters and twisting and turning them, it would be amazing if someone didn’t deliberately output a gay-tinged Batman, just as other variations have been inevitable. But I don’t think most (if any) of what Weldon writes about in the earlier days was intended. It just kind of all happened the way committees sometimes create something that no participant had in mind.”

RIP, Merle Haggard, country music legend.

“Ted Cruz came to New York Wednesday talking about education, but he’s the one who got schooled.”

What Charles Barkley says.

“While two years of crashing prices for oil, natural gas, and coal triggered dramatic downsizing in those industries, renewables have been thriving. Clean energy investment broke new records in 2015 and is now seeing twice as much global funding as fossil fuels.”

“Regardless, I suggested a movie where a fascist regime uses an existential threat like the giant ants of Them! to take power, except they never actually took the threat seriously and didn’t even believe it was real. Then it turns out that the monsters were real, the monsters are really a serious threat, and the monsters don’t like fascists.”

Way more than you wanted to know about God’s Not Dead 2.

“All three new rules shrink the financial sector by cutting down on lucrative activities that have nothing to do with finance’s core social purpose of channeling funds to economically useful activities.”

“What is worth remembering is that [Dennis] Hastert’s improbable rise to the pinnacle of political power in Washington was a direct consequence of Republican party efforts to exploit and eventually criminalize Bill Clinton’s extramarital sex life in order to overturn the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections. The chain of events is clear and straightforward.” I for one had forgotten that Diaper Dave Vitter played a role in this, too.

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