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Friday random ten: In the city, part 7

Spanning the globe, week after week…

1. (Is Anybody Going to) San Antone – Doug Sahm And Band
2. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – They Might be Giants/Lager Rhythms
3. I’ve Been To Memphis – Lyle Lovett
4. I’ve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo – Glenn Miller
5. Jerusalem – Eddie From Ohio
6. Jimmy’s Gone To Flanders – Jim Malcolm
7. Jock in London/I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed – The Mollys
8. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey! – The Beatles
9. The Last Day of Pompeii – Trout Fishing In America
10. The Leaving Of Liverpool – Flying Fish Sailors

Memphis has made a stronger showing in these lists than I’d have anticipated. I really should go back and do a full tally at the end to see if my prediction about New York holds true or not.

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  1. […] there you have it. I assure you it was mere convenience that Istanbul was on yesterday’s city-themed random ten list. As for more videos, I may have to go on the Page 2 results to get anything else of interest for […]