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Friday random ten: In the city, part 10

New York, New York, so nice they said it twice…

1. New York State Of Mind – Billy Joel
2. New York State Of Mind – Rowlf the Dog
3. New York, New York – Big Daddy
4. The Night Chicago Died – Paper Lace
5. Nutbush City Limits – Ike & Tina Turner
6. Odessa/La Filamena – The Mollys
7. Oh Atlanta – Little Feat
8. Old Woman From Wexford – Flying Fish Sailors
9. Olympia – Jon Anderson
10. Opelousas (Sweet Relief) – Maria McKee

In retrospect, I’m not sure why I listed all these “New York State Of Mind” versions separately, instead of once with each artist as I usually do. I can tell you that it ultimately helped me finish out this series with exactly the right number of entries, so I’m not about to go back and make a correction. New York would still have the most songs to its name regardless. Chicago’s trying to get in the game as well, but it will be too little too late in the end.

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