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Weekend link dump for May 8

I for one welcome our robot monk overlords.

“There’s a sickness here. We’re covered with ticks. We call them trolls, and they are, but that’s also a way to dismiss them — as if they’re just cantankerous outliers hiding under bridges.”

Two words: Chewbacca weevils. You’re welcome.

“Here, then, are several Things I Have Learned Due to My Google News Alert for the Word ‘Satanic’”.

If you really want to boycott trans-friendly businesses, make sure you don’t miss any.

I’ve never disliked the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but reading this makes me glad I never bought any of it.

“The only way to maintain weight loss is to be hungry all the time.”

“This election cycle, the tech elite are almost exclusively backing liberals”.

“For the first time, an international team of astronomers from MIT, the University of Liège in Belgium, and elsewhere have detected three planets orbiting an ultracool dwarf star, just 40 light years from Earth. The sizes and temperatures of these worlds are comparable to those of Earth and Venus, and are the best targets found so far for the search for life outside the solar system.”

“As broadly gifted an artist as he was, Prince never quite found the right approach when it came to licensing his music for distribution — in spite of the fact that sold over 100 million records, placing him among the best-selling artists of all-time.”

What George Takei says.

If you have ever said to yourself “What the world needs now is an animated Blues Brothers series, your wish has been granted.

What BooMan says.

Yeah, maybe politicians of all kinds should avoid sports references unless they really really know what they’re talking about.

“All of this implies, though, that a hypothetical Trump who toed the party line on trade and entitlements and foreign policy, who stood a chance in the general election, and who was more plugged in to the party apparatus would be totally acceptable to the #NeverTrumpers, in spite of his obvious and dangerous bigotry.”

RIP, Robert Bennett, former Senator from Utah.

“Once you’ve ripped up this deal, what happens to the next one? Yeah, Donald Trump might get a good deal one time, but the next president is screwed. It is the worst thing on the global stage to be viewed as an unreliable partner. You don’t want to be the North Korea of economics.”

Having once taught a class in differential equations back in my grad student days, I can attest that they are in fact evil. But not in that way. Now if he had been doing partial differential equations, that would have been at least a little suspicious.

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