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Meyers voter ID lawsuit on hold

That’s my interpretation of this.

Still the only voter ID anyone should need

Still the only voter ID anyone should need

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Larry Meyers and his co-plaintiff yesterday nonsuited their lawsuit against the state that claimed the voter ID law was unconstitutional.

The plantiffs plan to refile their lawsuit after they gather more evidence, said their attorney, Andrew Sommerman. The nonsuit came just one day after they argued their case before Dallas’s Fifth Court of Appeals.

“This was a hearing on a plea to the jurisdiction. We got the impression after arguing in front of the panel, the court of appeals would want to see more evidence about one thing or another,” said Sommerman, a partner in Sommerman & Quesada in Dallas.

The Fifth Court justices on the panel seemed to want more evidence about the number of people who had been denied their vote because of the voter ID law, Sommerman said. He said he feels good about the merits of the lawsuit, but there needs to be more work to regarding the jurisdiction question.

See here for the background. My bit of Google-based research tells me that to “non-suit” means to drop the matter (in this case, at least) without it being concluded or decided. It’s not clear to me why this information is needed, or why the pause in the action has to happen, but since the federal lawsuit has surely covered this ground, I imagine it can be provided in fairly short order. I’ll keep my eyes open for further developments.

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