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Weekend link dump for June 5

An oral history of Cop Rock.

Your guide to familiarizing yourself with all of the Clinton crap of the 90s.

What A-Rod’s eight-year-old daughter thinks of him.

“General principle: Whenever you hear anyone invoke Revelation 22:18-19 in this way, understand that you’re not going to learn anything about the meaning of the Bible from this person. But you will learn a great deal about the inner-workings of their unfiltered id.”

RIP, Lucille Stone Richards, original member of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

There are days when I find myself wondering if Louie Gohmert is an Andy Kaufman-esque performance artist who has been toying with us all along, or if he really is that big an idiot. It’s hard to say sometimes.

“In fact, it’s unclear what will happen first: The end of circus elephants, or the extinction of African elephants.”

“Using the civil courts as an instrument of private vengeance rather than to compensate or punish injuries corrupts the legal system. Doing so in secret deprives the public and the jury of the knowledge which would create some self-correcting mechanism to limit such abuse. It’s as simple as that.”

Hail Hydra, my hiney.

“Here’s the part of the 2016 story that will be hardest to explain after it’s all over: Trump did not deceive anyone. Unlike, say, Sarah Palin in 2008, Trump appeared before the electorate in his own clothes, speaking his own words. When he issued a promise, he instantly contradicted it. If you chose to accept the promise anyway, you did so with abundant notice of its worthlessness.”

Community college >> for-profit schools. Avoid.

And speaking of bad “college” idea, there’s the massive scam that was Trump University.

How to win campaigns on and influence people.

A detailed guide to figuring out the age of an undated world map.

Seven funny actors tell embarrassing stories, discuss their craft, and just generally say funny things.

Go ahead and sprinkle a little salt on your dinner. It’s unlikely to hurt anything.

The Top Ten Reasons to doubt that Donald Trump is actually a billionaire.

Seventy-five years ago this week, Lou Gehrig passed away.

“But if you’re at a public school, the question is, how do we just make sure that children are treated with kindness. That’s all. And you know, my reading of scripture tells me that the golden rule is pretty high up there in terms of my Christian belief.”

“Between them, Cecilia Muñoz, Jen Psaki, Amy Pope, Valerie Jarrett, and Paulette Aniskoff have seven children and some of the most essential responsibilities in the administration. Just before Mother’s Day, here’s what they had to say about working―and parenting―in the White House.”

RIP, Jane Fawcett (née Janet Caroline Hughes), Bletchley Park codebreaker and saviour of Victorian buildings.

“Fiscal policy is looking more and more like an essential, missing ingredient in labor demand, and with borrowing costs still as low as they are, a smart move by policy makers would be to quickly start up an infrastructure program, perhaps in the critically important areas of water safety or our long-ignored public school facilities.”

RIP. Muhammad Ali, The Greatest.

“And Ali’s terms were: He was a black man, in America and in the world. He was a Muslim man, in America and in the world. He was who he was. He did not have to transcend those things about himself. You, however, might have to overcome your understanding of what you thought of both blackness and Islam to appreciate him. People did or did not; Ali went on regardless.”

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