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June traffic report

I had about 7600 visitors in June, making it my second-best month ever. In the end, the pace was just slightly behind that of May, when I broke 8000 hits; going out of town for a few days dropped the rate just enough to lag behind. I made my 2000th post late in the month, after receiving my 2000th comment early on. Visitors 80,000 and 85,000 arrived in June, keeping me on track to hit 100,000 in late August. There are a number of new blogs in the list of top referrers for the month – as always, the complete list is under the More link.

As of July 1, I’ve been in the blogging business for a year and a half. On July 20, I’ll celebrate one full year on this domain. My monthly traffic has roughly doubled since I abandoned Blogspot, as you can see here (the July 2002 total is skewed by my arrival late in the month; it was about what I got in August if you add visits from my old site). I’m still going strong after 18 months, thanks in large part to my great readers. I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to hear or read the words “I enjoy your blog”. Thank you, all of you, very much.

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1062: Daily Kos
194: Atrios
147: The Agonist
131: Political State Report
113: Coffee Corner
112: Pandagon
102: Calpundit
101: Tom Spencer
95: Ted Barlow
92: Rhetoric & Rhythm
92: Matthew Yglesias
78: The Burnt Orange Report
77: The Rittenhouse Review
72: Henry Lewis
71: MaxSpeak
67: Cursor
65: Cooped Up
63: Owen Courreges
56: TalkLeft
55: Alas, a blog
Top search terms ================ #reqs: search term -----: ----------- 197: diane zamora 108: greg packer 75: marnie rose 63: tom coleman 47: mastercard moments 44: tom coleman tulia 38: lea fastow 33: dr marnie rose 33: ronnie scelson 31: off the kuff 27: prime number algorithm 27: abigail perlman 26: ron kirk 23: futk 23: wicked weasel 21: redneck neighbor 20: getting out of jury duty 18: debbie clemens 17: michael weiner 16: killer d's

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