Weekend link dump for September 25

Density is easier said than done.

Beware of ransomware, and know how to protect yourself.

If you want to know how much time you’re going to spend watching TV this fall, this can tell you. You’re on your own for how you cope with that information.

This is why I don’t plan to see that Sully movie.

RIP, Charmian Carr, best known for playing Liesl in The Sound Of Music.

“In other words, I think we can safely say that Trump’s plan would create approximately zero jobs. However it would blow a huge hole in the deficit (about $6 trillion without pixie dust) and it would be a huge windfall for the rich, increasing their after-tax income by a whopping 16 percent. And make no mistake: unlike a lot of Donald Trump’s fanciful ideas, a Republican Congress would be delighted to pass something like this. And they’d do it in a way that couldn’t be stopped by a filibuster.”

Don’t be afraid to make assumptions, even about spherical cows.

“Just 3 percent of American adults own half of the nation’s firearms”.

“The Clean Power Plan is almost certainly headed to the Supreme Court, but it’s fate there could depend on a 9-judge hearing next week.”

Amazon games its pricing algorithm to advantage itself.

RIP, W.P. Kinsella, author best known for Shoeless Joe.

How Google fights back against Internet trolls.

“But their answers illustrate just a few of the different ways that pollsters can handle the same data – and how those choices can affect the result.”

Bad call, OUT Magazine. You should know better.

Trump lies with such reckless abandon – about himself, about his opponent, about policy, about current events, about details large and small – it’s not unreasonable to wonder whether he has some kind of allergy to the truth.”

We’re gonna need a bigger surfboard.

It’s hard out here on a plutocrat.

“But, win or lose, the Republicans invited the far right in and lost control of them. Contrary to a lot of people’s perceptions, Trumpism doesn’t need Trump and it’ll be with us for some time now.”

In defense of a terrible person.

RIP, Stanley Dural, Jr, better known as the Louisiana music legend Buckwheat Zydeco.

RIP, Jack Garman, NASA engineer who made a judgment call that allowed the first moon landing to happen.

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