More on Republican turnout concerns

It’s a thing that is happening, though it’s hard to say to what extent.

On Monday, one of the most prominent Republicans in Texas has a warning for supporters that Texas could go blue this election.

Governor Greg Abbott is sounding the alarm, citing recent poll numbers.

Democrats couldn’t be happier, especially because the email from Governor Abbott to supporters wasn’t meant to be seen publically. It was sent to the governor’s donors, and now Democrats are sensing a real opportunity to push ahead.

Anyone who knows anything about Texas politics knows Texas is a solid red. Although, polls have been showing Hillary Clinton running very close to Donald Trump in Texas.

The sobering email from Governor Abbott is giving legitimacy to the possibility Texas could vote Democratic this year.

It’s a fundraising email, and the point of a fundraising email is to get the recipient to give you some money, for which sometimes scaring the bejeezus out of them is the most effective tactic. That said, this is an uncommon tactic for state Republicans – they usually go for things like “standing firm” and “sending a message” and stuff like that. How much of it is driven by genuine concern about the state-level polls, and how much of it is just trying out a different marketing technique, I couldn’t say. If the polls shift a bit one way or the other and their tactics change as well, then maybe that’s our answer.

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2 Responses to More on Republican turnout concerns

  1. brad m says:

    Abbott knows it won’t go blue. Lying liar. I may be a high single digit win by Trump.

    Abbott’s just filling the coffers. And what does he really care. The Lege and statewide positions aren’t up until off year elections…I am sure to his luck.

  2. byron schirmbeck says:

    I am on dozens of mailing lists and I routinely get fundraiser emails from Abbott for all sorts of ridiculous things. One was fundraising on the dead cops in Dallas which brought a lot of blowback from police and another seemed to imply that Abbott footed the bill for lawsuits against the fed and now we should pitch in to offset the costs. There is NOTHING Abbott won’t send a fundraiser email out over. I am surprised he didn’t send out a gofundme request for his skin grafts.

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