Saturday video break: Mine

How about a little old school Taylor Swift?

We were so young and innocent then, weren’t we? I confess, I like Taylor Swift (*), and I doubt I’d have ever listened to any of her music if it weren’t for my kids.

For music that I have introduced to my kids, there’s Trout Fishing In America:

That one has an exclamation point on it, befitting the kid-song nature of it. TFIA was a regular folk-rock duo that released a children’s album in the early 90s, That’s been the main milieu since, though they still do non-kids shows. Our girls have mostly outgrown kids’ music now, but we took them to see a couple of TFIA shows at the Mucky Duck when they were younger, and they loved them. If you have young ‘uns and they’re touring in your vicinity, you should definitely check them out.

(*) – Olivia has expressly forbidden me from referring to her as “T-Swift”. I haven’t asked, but I’m pretty sure that “Tay Tay” would be right out as well.

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