Dan Patrick doesn’t care about sexual assault

Such a moral exemplar you are, Danno.

Amid a wave of reports of women alleging Donald Trump kissed or groped them without their consent, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrickmaintained Thursday that the Republican presidential nominee has effectively pushed the issue behind him.

Patrick, who is Texas Chairman for Trump’s presidential campaign, initially addressed the scandal currently dominating the presidential campaign Wednesday to Time Warner Cable News’ Capital Tonight.

“This story is kind of in the rear-view mirror now,” Patrick said, referring to an 11-year-old tape published by the Washington Post that showed Trump bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent.

As Capital Tonight aired the segment Wednesday evening, several news outlets published reports featuring women accusing Trump of activities similar to what he talked about doing in the 2005 video. First, The New York Times published a story in which two women accused Trump of touching them inappropriately.

“He was like an octopus,”  Jessica Leeds, one of the women, told the Times. “His hands were everywhere.”

The Palm Beach Post also published a story about a local woman who said she was groped by Trump 13 years ago. People Magazine published a story in which a reporter accused Trump of “forcing his tongue” down her throat.

Trump denied the allegations and is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit. On Twitter, he said: “The phony story in the failing @nytimes is a TOTAL FABRICATION. Written by same people as last discredited story on women. WATCH!”

In a statement to The Texas Tribune, spokesman Allen Blakemore said Patrick continues to believe voters see the Trump tape story “through the rear view mirror.”

“As far as new allegations published in the New York Times, the Lieutenant Governor thinks the voters will decide that they are far more concerned about the direction of the Supreme Court, the economy and national security than a decades old tawdry tabloid story published in a newspaper that has already endorsed Mrs. Clinton,” Blakemore said.

Patrick is such a coward, he can’t even bring himself to address the assault allegations. We have moved on from the “grab her by the pussy” tape, Dan. There’s much worse out there now, and I’ll bet there’s still more to come. Try to keep up. Of course, none of Trump’s racism or anti-Semitism or palling around with Vladimir Putin have bothered Dan Patrick so far, so I suppose this should be no mystery. In the meantime, Nick Anderson’s cartoon says it all. This needs to be pointed out repeatedly when Patrick’s potty bill is being debated in the Senate.

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10 Responses to Dan Patrick doesn’t care about sexual assault

  1. Paul Kubosh says:

    Unfair attack on Dan.

  2. PDiddie says:

    Pointing out bald-faced hypocrisy is NOT an attack.

  3. Jen says:

    Dan cares about money and power. Trump has money, at least, or claims to- women have neither, so bye-bye ‘family values’ and hello to 24k gold toilet!

  4. brad moore says:


    What specifically is unfair? Did I miss your joke?

  5. Bayard Rustin says:

    I have two words for you regarding Dan Patrick: “Second Baptist”

  6. Paul Kubosh says:

    Bayard Rustin….. where is all the

  7. Bill Daniels says:


    I actually agree with PDiddie on this, and not just with regards to Trump. Patrick is doing everything he can to prevent poor women from having abortions, yet doesn’t want to pay up when all those unwanted kids suddenly need to be fed and the parent(s) can’t or won’t step up.

  8. Brad says:


    So you are saying that Patrick is trying to stop women from exercising their lawful rights?

    FYI (shocker alert), not all women having abortions are poor. What do we do with the significant number of affluent Republican who want an abortion. Take away their credit card so they can’t fly to a conveniently legislated neighboring state?

  9. Bill Daniels says:


    Patrick, et al, aren’t going to get Roe overturned. We’ve had decades of a conservative run SCOTUS and that hasn’t happened. Heck the Alito led court approved gay marriage, so that tells you about the “horrors” of a conservative run court. So all Patrick and Co. can do is harass abortion clinics in an attempt to get them shut down in Texas. As you correctly point out, women with means can travel farther to an abortion clinic, even going out of state if need be. So Patrick’s actions predominately effect poor, knocked up women…..precisely the women who should be having abortions, so the taxpayers don’t have to pay to raise their kids. If a young woman has family that will step in to pay for and help raise the kid, then I have no skin in the game.

    Young, our of wedlock children is a pretty good predictor of future poverty. I want those young, poor, unfortunate women to have every opportunity to NOT cost me money. (And just for you, Brad, let me say that I don’t care what color the aborted kids are…..the color to see is green).

    And since you see racism under every bed, Sanger, the PP founder was a big cheerleader for eugenics.

  10. brad m says:


    You disappoint me. No racism bogeyman here on my part. Texas has many poor white folks thanks to the GOP “leadership” for the last 25 years.

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