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I’m just back from an out-of-town trip and still feeling a bit mellow, so regular blogging will resume tomorrow. Meantime, I had about 27,000 hits in August, making it by far my best month yet. Having a full month of search engine hits among my Sitemeter-counted stats was a big part of that, but some big referrals from Atrios, Calpundit, Kos and Tom Spencer also helped.

I received the 100,000th Sitemeter hit for this site in August, which thanks to the search engine referrals was well ahead of projections. Filtering all that out, it feels like I have about 400-500 daily human visitors, which just amazes me. Thank you all very much for coming by and especially for coming back.

High referrers are beneath the More link for those who might be interested.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc



Weblog referrers


3724: Atrios
1929: Daily Kos
560: Tom Spencer
493: Calpundit
349: The Burnt Orange Report
278: The Agonist
258: Gorilla-A-Gogo
242: Oliver Willis
238: Political State Report
170: Pandagon
145: Coffee Corner
118: Matthew Yglesias
104: Rob Booth
103: Rhetoric & Rhythm
97: Henry Lewis
94: Cursor
89: Owen Courreges
83: The Poor Man
81: The Sideshow
78: Cooped Up
Top search terms ================ #reqs: search term -----: ----------- 201: american idol tryouts 82: diane zamora 71: marnie rose 70: redneck neighbor 67: sock puppets 66: darlie routier 64: rush limbaugh espn 51: prime number algorithm 48: hatch chile festival 45: michael weiner 36: states without state income tax 35: if you love something set it free 33: gregg phillips 29: dr marnie rose 29: states without income tax 28: mastercard moments 27: off the kuff 26: lea fastow 26: thom marshall 24: espn rush limbaugh

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