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Kinky Friedman for Governor

John Kelso says Elect Kinky – how hard can it be?

“I’m insinuating myself into the race against our common enemy: Rick Perry’s hair,” the writer, humorist and professional curmudgeon said.

Even if he doesn’t win, we’ll get some laughs. “I’m not pro choice or pro life. I’m pro football,” said Friedman, who plans to run as an independent.

Running as an independent will be about as easy as picking up a raw egg with a set of chopsticks. But Friedman remains undaunted.

“I’m not running to lose, and if Willie Nelson and Lance Armstrong don’t decide to run, you’re now speaking to the next governor of Texas,” he said.

He says he’ll announce after the 2004 elections. I’m looking forward to it.

By the way, Kelso notes that Friedman once ran unsuccessfully for Justice of the Peace in Kerrville, on the slogan “I’ll Keep Us Out of War with Fredericksberg”. The cover of his CD From One Good American To Another uses one of his campaign photos from that election. Who wouldn’t vote for an honest face like that?

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  1. William Hughes says:

    What are the residency requirements for voting in Texas? If Kinky runs, I want to move just to qualify to vote.

  2. Michael says:

    I think it requires a PO box in a hotel in Houston. Or maybe you can find that coupon from Doonesbury.

    I would vote for the Kinkster. He has more credibility than Schwartzenegger or Ventura.

  3. kodi says:

    Heck, I’d volunteer for his campaign.

  4. Cita says:

    How I would LOVE to live in Texas for this! What a ride it would be, RUN Kinky RUN!!!

  5. Aaron says:

    where do we get kinky for gov. stickers?

  6. HalleyAnna Finlay says:

    I want to volunteer too!

  7. Tracy Jordan says:

    lets get this rollin, we need t-shirts, bumper stickers and the works..i plan on campaining hard,hot and heavy in thing to come out of the hill country other than an empty greyhound bus…give em hell kinky

  8. Jane Watkins says:

    Where do I send a campaign contribution for Kinky for governor?

  9. Earl says:

    Heck, yeah, I’d vote for the Kinkster. I’m a fan from his “Texas Jewboys” days. Problem, I’m an expatriate Texan now. Shame on me! I’m going to campaign for the Kinkster; most of my family and friends still reside in the Lone Star State. I figure if Minnesota can elect a warm “Body” and California a cold “Terminator”, Kinky Friedman should be Governor of Texas. Not voting for Kinky ought to curl your hair. Where do I send a campaign contribution?

  10. jo anne says:

    Where can I find a bumpersticker supporting Kinky for Texas governor?

    My daddy, a die-hard Dammitcrat from South Texas, told me he was disgusted with the lack of “good candidates” from his party and that he planned to vote for Kinky for governor …

  11. Jason says:

    Go Kinky Go!!!! As a life long Republican I cannot stand the thought of four more years of Governor Goodhair, nor can I stomach four years of Grandma Strayhorn, or the lady Senator from Texas Mrs. Hutchison. GO KINKY GO!!!….I will avoid the primary like the plague so I can sign the petition to get Texas’ favorite Jewboy on the ballot….

  12. John says:

    Let’s get it on KINKY!

  13. Ruth says:

    Wish I was a Texan so I could vote for Kinky –
    I would like a bumper sticker – where and how much???

  14. Roger Wray says:

    Elect Kinky and you can have pot pusher Willie Nelson and same-sex marriage.

  15. Aaron says:

    He has my vote! The problem is that I live in NJ. Maybe I will just have to move to Texas! Hey, where can I buy one of his election posters?

  16. Dee Guthrie says:

    Go Kinkster, been a fan for years. I don`t live in Texas, but for the first time in my life I wish I did. Really need a bumper sticker and a poster, where can I get them.
    Finally a honest man running for office, I wish you the best.

  17. Have you seen his “KinkyToon?”

    He quotes better than Mae West. Another election year, another choice between “paper and plastic.”

    See it here:

  18. Dick Van den bosch says:

    Kinky, love you for the animals, and your pov on immigration. Other stuff too.

    I want some stuff to put on my car, I will a makedonation.

    What to do.

    Go for it…………

  19. L.D Tomlinson says:

    how do I get a bumper sticker for Kinky?

  20. R. Adams says:

    I live in San Antonio, TX. Where will the petitions be to sign for Kinky Freidman for Governor?

  21. paul says:

    that is his official site. you’ll find answers to most of your questions there, i bet.

  22. Jim says:

    I just saw Kinky at a Barnes and Nobles and he is the real deal, he is the only one who speaks sincere and who has answers that aren’t tied to some lobbyist or special interest group. If Texas doesn’t get Kinky, Texas may cease to exist under the “lame,” yes “lame,” supervision of Perry and Bush. Perry and Bush are both of the do-nothing party, they aren’t even republican!

  23. Betty Ruth Harper Bryant says:

    I will do any thing I can do to help elect Kinky. ( If not this year then next election) I visited the Coyote Ranch on the 27th of May and it is the most beauiful place I believe I have seen. There were three birds hovering above and the sunset was stupendous.

  24. John Vollbrecht says:

    Dear Mr. Kinkster:

    I saw you on 60 Minutes last night and I’m impressed! Altho I don’t support many of your sexual positions, and who could, I support your campaign for levity, brevity and honesty in government.
    Please let me know where I can send a donation.

  25. wayne staten says:

    win or loose I still would like to have a conversation with kinky freidman. i think he has at least livened up a loose loose election. maybee a little talk could benefit one or the other or both of us.This is from a kindred spirit
    Tango Whisky Sierra