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Weekend link dump for January 29

10 Actions for the first 100 Days.

Neanderthals were people, too.

“Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening”.

The Dallas Stars Jumbotron operator is the best person in Dallas.

#Seanspicersays I get more readers than the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal combined.

Six surprising health items that could disappear with Obamacare repeal.

All you need is love. That, and copyright interest in your early work.

“On no day will he be a better president than he is today”.

“Thank you for calling the White House comments line. The comment line is currently closed.”

BBC News showed the wrong subtitles during the inauguration, and the result is hilarious.

Donald Trump’s real legitimacy problem.

“Another reason for promoting lying is what economists sometimes call loyalty filters. If you want to ascertain if someone is truly loyal to you, ask them to do something outrageous or stupid. If they balk, then you know right away they aren’t fully with you.”

Sean Spicer versus Dippin’ Dots. I got nothing.

If there is a “death spiral” coming for Obamacare, it will be one that was engineered by the Republicans.

“Nearly a dozen of Trump’s closest confidantes helped plant an embarrassing news story about how their boss can’t handle embarrassing news stories. Which is to say: A president who prizes loyalty in his subordinates has already been betrayed by a huge swath of his inner circle.”

“Silicon Valley’s rank and file prepare to fight Trump“.

“You cannot shame the shameless; you can’t appeal to an inborn trait someone doesn’t have.”

“But while Teen Vogue’s coverage is praiseworthy, it is not all that exceptional. Women’s publications have been offering substantive, worthwhile political takes for years now.”

“We already know from research that the Bush-era Global Gag Rule resulted in a sharp decline in the availability of contraceptives in some of the poorest places on earth, which in turn hindered the fight against maternal death and increased abortion raters. Now, this one change may profoundly undermine not only progress on maternal health worldwide but also the US government’s ability to fight HIV/AIDS, big childhood killers like malaria, and prevent infectious diseases like Zika and Ebola from reaching US shores.”

The scientists will be marching on Washington, too.

“Voter fraud” just doesn’t exist in anything more than the tiniest numbers. It’s all about vote suppression.

“So, it appears that Trump’s strategy for defeating ISIS is to give them a huge recruitment tool and to turn our Muslim allies against us.”

RIP, Mary Tyler Moore, iconic TV star.

Dan Aykroyd’s tribute to Carrie Fisher.

“Gonzales and NPR are correct that we need to be careful not to presume the existence of bad faith beforehand. It is a conclusion that has to be arrived at, step by step, and not one we can confidently or honestly jump to. But we can and must go through those steps and we can and must follow where they lead. And when those steps lead us, conclusively, to a conclusion of bad faith, we can and must accept that conclusion and not try to jump away from it.”

“The Christian right has never been about actual faith. Like any other interest group, they just want what they want: abortion restrictions, money for private schools, opposition to gays, and so forth. As long as you’re on board, they don’t care what’s in your heart. They never have, and that’s why the suggestion that Democrats need to be more publicly devout has always been so misguided.”

The resistance will be Twitterfied.

As Brent Musberger moves to the next phase of his life, let us recall an old wrong of his that he has still never attempted to make right.

RIP, Sir John Hurt, versatile actor best known for roles in Alien and The Elephant Man.

RIP, Barbara Hale, actor best known for playing Della Street in the Perry Mason TV show and movies.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    The Dallas Stars Jumbotron operator is the best person in Dallas.

    I don’t know about best, but I laughed when I saw that. Nice!