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Enron rap

You know, I was just thinking that what the world really needs right now is a rap CD about the fall of Enron.

The words “Enron” and “rap” don’t normally go together unless someone’s talking about “taking the rap for Enron.”

But if a former Enron employee has his way, we’ll associate the corporate deadbeat with the thumping bass and braggadocio of rap music.

David Tonsall, 39, a former technical manager for Enron Energy Services, is unleashing rhyming words of wrath against the disgraced company under the hip-hop moniker “NRun.”

His CD, Corporate America, drops Dec. 3, the second anniversary of the day Enron laid off 4,000 employees, including him.

“It’s a spin on Enron,” Tonsall said of his hip-hop handle. It also stands for “never run.”

Is it any good? You be the judge:

“Skilling, going to find you, rain, sleet or snow,” go some of his lyrics. “There’s nowhere on earth that you can go … ready to get you for the Enron scam. Consider yourself a sacrifice for the pipeline workers that gave their lives, maintaining (the) lines that made you rich. When justice comes around you’re going to get hit.”

Another line from the rap goes: “America, NRun has a story to tell, how the judiciary system slowed down like a snail. Gave … corporate crooks time to plan their escape. So when I see you, Jeffrey, I won’t hesitate.”

Tonsall said his lyrics are set to the bangin’ beats created by his producer, Slim Pimp.

(Is it legal in a rap song to say “going to” instead of “gonna”? I’m gonna need a ruling on this one.) Too bad this wasn’t out when they made that crappy TV movie, they could have used it for the soundtrack. Anyway, you can get a taste of the music here. I think I’ll go listen to some nice demographically-correct classic rock now.

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One Comment

  1. William Hughes says:

    I think I’ll wait for Weird Al Yankovic to do a parody version of this. Then again, this is a parody to begin with. 😉