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So are you gonna talk about redistricting again or what?

I have to say, after obsessing over the whole redistricting thing for waaaaay too long, it was good to head off to a foreign country where I had no Internet connection and only the International Herald Tribune for any news. I knew that a deal had been reached, and I saw a brief note in the IHT about the Senate finally passing the new map, and that was about it. If the next thing I hear about redistricting is a ruling from the courts, that’ll be fine by me. I think I speak for many people when I say that I’m glad and relieved that our Semi-Permanent Legislature has finally gone on hiatus, at least until the dreaded special session on school finance reform finally gets called.

I don’t believe that the map which passed will survive the various legal challenges (two and counting so far) to it, so I’m not going to follow speculation too closely about who may run where and who may win or lose where. We’ll know soon enough which map will be in place, and we can go from there.

There was lots of coverage and analysis while I was gone. There’s good stuff here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. With luck, Rob will keep his promise to post about the mistakes the GOP made.

There was a brief moment yesterday when I wondered if I’d find anything to blog about now that redistricting has been put to bed. I got over it pretty quickly, though.

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