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Mike Collier will run for Lt Gov


Mike Collier

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is getting a Democratic challenger for re-election in 2018.

The Texas Democratic Party said Thursday that Mike Collier is stepping down as finance chairman to start a campaign for lieutenant governor.

“Dan Patrick has proven he is unworthy of leading this great state,” party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said in a statement Thursday. “I am proud to see a courageous Texan like Mike Collier put his name forward to serve.”

In his own statement, Collier said he is “assembling a campaign team to run against Dan Patrick for Texas Lt. Governor.” He added that he will make a formal announcement after touring the state and gauging support for his run.

“We need a Lt. Governor that brings Texans together, not an ideologue that chases headlines and drives us apart,” Collier said.


In a brief interview with The Texas Tribune after the announcement, Collier said he filed Thursday morning with the Texas Ethics Commission to run for lieutenant governor. He promised to run a “very policy-oriented, substantive campaign” involving many of the same issues he raised in his 2014 run.

While Texas Democrats are hopeful President Donald Trump’s unpopularity will help them in 2018, Collier said he does not see Trump factoring into his race.

“I’m going to run against my opponent,” Collier said. “My focus has been on the state of Texas.

Collier ran for Comptroller in 2014. He raised some money, ran a decent campaign, won a few endorsements, and generally made a good impression in a lousy year. He was mentioned as a possible candidate for Governor in that story about planning for 2018, but as I noted at the time, he makes more sense as a Lite Guv candidate, because he can go to the business lobby and present himself as a fine and credible alternative to Dan Patrick. Which doesn’t mean they’ll go along, of course – he’ll need to raise a crap-ton of money and have a really good plan for turning out Democratic votes to not get politely shown the door – but there’s a chance. Having him get started this early says a lot. You want to get in on it, go here and get on his contacts list. If we’re serious about making some noise in 2018, here’s our first chance to show it.

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  1. Martha C. Gray says:

    Dear Mr. Collier, Bill White said that if one additional person from each Pct. in southern TX had voted for him, he would have won the election. You said that you weren’t going to go national politics and that, of course, is just what you should have said. But it will have a positive impact on your campaign. So, I suggest, that you immediately commandeer the expression “Make TX great again”. Have you tied up all sites that might be used against you eg collier in 2018 – Bill for Texans. There will be over 2 dozen of them, perhaps a lot more. How is your list making going? This is crucial. Elections are a numbers game – not an issues game, not a popularity contest despite what you might have expected. Our current CoChair will be resigning. Expand Leave Reply request for better contacts. You already have email from those who contact u. Moses Estrada could be an important contact. Be careful dealing w/ Battleground. Vital but troublesome. So many things to tell you. 361-985-7414 – 6518 Samba Dr 78414

  2. David Siegel says:

    The reason he might do well with the business lobby is that Collier is essentially a Republican; he buys into all the usual crap about low taxes, no debt, etc. if the party thinks that’s the way to go, they can do it without me.