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Saturday video break: Royals

Here’s Lorde’s global hit:

She’s going to be in Houston for the 2017 Free Press Summerfest, which I will be unable to attend. One presume she isn’t coming all this way just to play a couple of days in Houston, but her tour schedule doesn’t actually include many American appearances, so check her out while you can. Meanwhile, here’s Bruce Springsteen’s now-famous cover of “Royals” from his down under tour in 2014:

I’ve watched that video multiple times and I still love it. It’s Springsteen at his roots, singing a song you could imagine him having written. He’s well known for doing covers at his live shows, but man would I love him to put together an album of the tributes he’s done.

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One Comment

  1. Patrick says:

    My first experience with Puddles is his cover of this song.