Weekend link dump for July 30

“There’s no public indication yet what Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort specifically hoped to receive from the Russians. But if they were aware of (and believed) these conspiracy-theory reports regarding the Russians and Clinton’s emails—real-life fake news that had been bolstered by right-wing media and Trump’s own social media guru—they probably would have been particularly excited to sit down with a Russian lawyer whom they were told was bearing derogatory material on Clinton.”

The Rule of 3 and how to use it.

“This self-perpetuating, self-inflicted death spiral turns the Constitution on its head. And thus states like New York, which have already intervened to save other aspects of Obamacare, would be well within their rights to take Trump to court over a law that he’s duty-bound to execute.”

RIP, John Kundla, Hall of Fame basketball coach who led the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA championships.

“[W]e find no Trump transgression so foul that Spicer would not grovel before it.”

“A recent analysis by The Trace, a nonprofit news organization focused on gun violence, suggests road rage cases involving guns has more than doubled across the country since 2014, and that states with large numbers of concealed-carry permit holders such as Texas had a higher number of cases.”

“I didn’t think Michael Phelps would actually race the shark, but I’m kind of disappointed he’s not going to race the shark.”

“The BCRA would end the Medicaid program as we know it by taking lifesaving healthcare away from millions. The BCRA takes hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicaid and gives it to the very wealthiest individuals and corporations in the form of tax breaks. This is simply immoral and contrary to the teachings of our Catholic faith.”

Microsoft Paint is reaching the end of the line.

RIP, Bo Pilgrim, poultry magnate and poster boy for campaign finance reform.

A poop emoji on you, Emoji Movie.

Where the best places to see the solar eclipse are.

Your Roomba knows what your house looks like, and that information will be for sale.

RIP, Barbara Sinatra, widow of Frank Sinatra.

“The result both for the insured and the uninsured would be more people going bankrupt, amassing debt, dipping into their savings, selling assets, and otherwise facing financial ruin when dealing with calamitous health problems—health problems, it is worth noting, that often destroy earning power at the same time as they require costly treatments.”

A federal judge agrees that Kris Kobach is a lying liar who lies a lot.

Trump is exposing our collective rot. The rotten flock to him. And there’s so much rot to go around.”

RIP, June Foray, legendary voiceover and cartoon voice actor.

“So far, Ivanka’s allyship with queer people has consisted of self-congratulatory posts and unverified claims to political action no one can see.”

Here’s What’s Happening In The White House As Explained By “Mean Girls”. Now I need the same sort of thing for the epic Trumpcare Senate fail.

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