Friday random ten: Better than that

Because “better” comes after “best” in the dictionary.

1. Better – Kim Carnes
2. Better Be Good To Me – Tina Tuner
3. Better Days – Bruce Springsteen
4. Better In Stereo – Dove Cameron
5. Better Love – Robert Johnson
6. A Better Man I’ll Be – Larkin
7. Better Off Dub – Rupert Hine
8. Better Than A Dream – Trish & Darin
9. Better Than Me – Rachael Davis
10. Better Way – James Ingram

“Better Be Good To Me” is my favorite song off of Private Dancer. Some good songs here, but overall I think last week’s “Best” list was better.

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4 Responses to Friday random ten: Better than that

  1. Jason Hochman says:

    I would have to include “You Better, You Bet” by the Who.

  2. I have that song, but I strictly follow the iTunes alphabetizing algorithm, so it would fall under songs that start with “You”. Thanks!

  3. Lee Meade says:

    Better Things
    The Kinks.

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