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“The Bionic Woman” lives

God help me, I’m actually curious about this.

The “Bionic Woman” is being called upon to rescue a desperate NBC from its ratings woes. A reworking of the ’70s comic-book adventure series is among the six new shows announced Monday for the struggling Peacock Network’s fall schedule.

Michelle Ryan (“EastEnders”) will play Jamie Sommers, the bionically reconstructed title character portrayed by Lindsay Wagner in the 1976-78 incarnation. Wagner’s Jamie was a tennis pro nearly killed in a skydiving accident. Ryan’s Jamie is bartender and a surrogate mother to her teenage sister (Mae Whitman).

Slated for 9-10 p.m. Wednesday, “Bionic Woman” also stars Miguel Ferrer, Chris Powers and Will Yun Lee.

More info is here. I admit it, I loved the original “Bionic Woman”. The more I think about this, the more I think that this could be a very cool show. Or, of course, it could also suck rocks. But if the folks who “re-imagined” Battlestar Galactica are involved, then I’ll give it some faith, even if I too would prefer a slightly older Jamie Summers. Bring it on, NBC.

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  1. Shoot. I thought you were going to say it was Shelly Sekula Gibbs.

  2. The_Other_Sarah says:

    So, the star is 21, and looks all of … 17.

    This has potential. Like those nymphs in the commercials for anti-aging skin creams.

    Would NBC like to increase its ratings?

    Here’s a hint: hire some grownups. Let them write shows and star in shows.

    Miguel Ferrer is drafted for this — suggests “Crossing Jordan” really is down for the count, eh?

    Shame. Jerry O’Connell (formerly of Sliders) is maturing into a nice-looking guy, and the show’s cast has a good chemistry. But of course, for this season, the star went blonder…

    I watch a lot of “Hallmark Channel” because the writing and acting are so much better from TV shows when they weren’t trying to sell Cheerios and Milky Ways to the senior element of their audiences.