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Let’s do lunch

I know this is really short notice, but Aziz and I are going to get together for lunch tomorrow at the Chipotle’s on Dryden and Fannin (conveniently located at a light rail stop) in celebration of my impending fatherhood. Houston-area folks are welcome to join us – please leave a comment or drop me a note if you’ll be there so we’ll know to look for you. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Sheesh, I haven’t stayed up all night with a crying baby yet and I’m already losing it. Lunch is at 11:30. Sorry about that.

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  1. Ginger says:

    Greg and I are supposed to go to lunch–I’ll see if I can convince him that we should come over there.

    You should let people know what time (11:30? 12:00?)

  2. Aziz says:

    11:30 – the chipotle is right outside the Dryden stop in the med ctr. See you there 🙂

    hey is ted barlow still in town?

  3. Ted Barlow says:

    Ted Barlow is in town. It’ll give me an excuse to ride the light rail. I’ll see you there.