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Valdez and White in the runoff

The DMN provides a snapshot of where we are in the one Democratic statewide primary runoff.

Lupe Valdez

Former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and Houston investor Andrew White have disparate strategies for winning the nomination. Valdez, who finished first with a comfortable lead in the March 6 primary, is firming up her base and planning inroads into the Houston area, where White is strong. White is also looking to turn out his political strongholds, while making gains in places such as Central Texas.

Because they are light on resources, much of the traditional campaign activity and travel are expected to unfold closer to election day.

Both candidates say they have extensive activities planned for April and May and have been raising money. White had a fundraiser Thursday night in San Antonio. He’s also been going to meet-and-greets and campaigning in black churches, a campaign aide said, and will begin rolling out his policy proposals in April.

Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston and a key supporter of White, said the May 22 contest is a fresh start.

Andrew White

“Runoffs are brand-new races,” said Coleman said. “He has an opportunity to win it or make it close. That would be great for Texas Democrats.”


Though largely unknown outside of North Texas, Valdez has significant advantages over White for their runoff.

She’s perceived as a progressive and more in line with the liberal voters who dominate the primary process. As Dallas County’s first Hispanic, lesbian and female sheriff, she appeals to several demographic groups within the liberal wing of the party.

“We need to build a new Texas,” Valdez said last Saturday in Collin County. “It’s time to change Texas, and we are the ones to make that change.”

Doing a lot of in-person events is a decent way to win a primary runoff, but not so much for building your name for a general election. You have to win the race you’re in, though, so I can’t criticize. I can, however, continue to be snippy about the lack of debates currently planned, which would be a step in the direction of raising everyone’s name ID. I’m really hoping we get something – preferably more than one something – on the calendar soon.

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  1. Manny Barrera says:

    Still don’t know what Valdez stands for or is willing to say she stands for;

    Unfortunately for Democrats in Texas she will probably be the head of the party in November, she is banking on her last name to carry her there. I just don’t see her being able to energize that base that would respond to her last name. Not saying White would either but he at least is willing to stand for something.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    As an Abbott supporter, I would prefer to see Lupe win the primary. She will do well and energize the progressive left Dems, but I don’t think she will appeal to Blue Dogs, moderates, or swing voters. White has a much better chance at siphoning off those voters, especially if he forces Abbott to defend and embrace Dan Patrick. Patrick is the albatross for Abbott.

    White is more dangerous for Abbott than Lupe.

  3. penwyth says:

    Abbott is more dangerous for Texas than White/Lupe.