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May 5 election results

Martha Castex Tatum

Martha Castex-Tatum is your winner of the District K special election. She dominated in Harris County with over 65% of the vote, and while she finished below fifty percent in Fort Bend County, she had more than enough votes to clear the bar. By my highly unofficial count, she got 59.7% of the vote overall. Congratulations to Martha Castex-Tatum on her victory.

In the HD13 special election, the two Republican candidates will run it off in June for the right to get a bump in seniority over other members of the legislative class of 2018. Cecil Webster appears to be on track to finish a point or so behind his November 2016 percentage, but about seven points ahead of his 2015 special election percentage. Would have been nice to say he ran ahead of the 2016 numbers, but it didn’t happen. Thanks to the contentious primary runoff, there was a lot more money spent on the Republican candidates in this race.

Other races that I mentioned along the way: Dalia Kasseb is headed for a runoff in her Pearland City Council race. She made it to a runoff in a different Council race last year but came up short from there. Daniel Hernandez lost in Pearland ISD, and Monique Rodriguez also lost in her race for Deer Park ISD.

Next up: Primary runoffs. Early voting begins a week from Monday, May 14. I’ll have plenty of info on those races coming up.

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  1. N.M. Horwitz says:

    Bhojani won his race for the Euless City Council, despite racist attacks from the Stickland Gruppen over his religion.

  2. Christopher Busby says:

    In regards to Hd 13 and the lack of dem overperformance as has been seen in other states around the country my best analysis is that the top two style primary pushed a lot of middle coters to pick betwen one of the two Republicans. With the clear right vs far right lines cast many tactical voters probably picked an R.

  3. So now we have 5 women on city council.

    But none of them support raise-the-wage ordinances.