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The sacrifices some bloggers make for the rest of us

Kriston Capps is made of sterner stuff than I am, let me tell you.

Last night I attended a panel discussion hosted by a conservative/libertarian social club, and the topic of discussion was gay marriage. Panelists included former Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga), some total dick who looks like Ed Helms from the Daily show, some guy with extremely small, soft-looking hands from AEI, and Andrew Sullivan; the panel was moderated by Grover Norquist.

Let me start by saying that you are in a bad way if the most reasonable person in the room is Grover Norquist.

My hat is off to you, sir. Check it out, including the contest at the end.

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  1. kevin whited says:

    It always makes me eager to click over to someone’s coverage of an event when I see introductory language describing a participant as “some total dick.” It’s a signal that I’m gonna get some interesting coverage and commentary regarding a local event (instead of typical blog rant).

    Yeah. That’s it.

  2. Thanks, Charles. Today while I was walking my dog, I passed some fellow who stopped to thank me for showing up at the event. I couldn’t tell if he was some sort of acolyte encouraging me to show up in the future, or sympathetic to my plight, or what, but I’ve been sufficiently creeped out for the rest of the day.