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Morrison, Meyer, and more Frost

Kos teases us with some poll news from CD22:

I’ve gotten my hands on some polling data from the district, and it’s surprisingly poor for [Tom] DeLay. His Approval/Disapprovals are 44/48. On the reelect question, 36 percent would definitely vote for him, 27 percent would consider someone else, and 27 percent would definitely vote for someone else.

53 percent of respondents were pro-choice, with only 34 percent following DeLay’s strict anti-choice line.

This is apparently a partisan poll, so reach for the salt. It’s not crazy to me that this poll may be accurate, though. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if DeLay is a hold-your-nose candidate for some number of Republicans in that district. He has drawn primary challengers in the past, though none of them has made him sweat.

Reaching those voters and convincing them there’s a better alternative is, of course, the hard part. I firmly believe that Richard Morrison can be the guy to do that, but if it’s doable it’ll still probably take more than one shot at DeLay to bag him. If Morrison (or Morrison plus former Republican and DeLay primary challenger Michael Fjetland, who’s running as an independent) can pull better than 40%, look for a much stronger run in 2006.

(Oh, and check out Morrison’s campaign blog, which has been getting regular updates lately.)

Meanwhile, Morris Meyer has a guest post up at Eschaton. That Smokey Joe Barton has a colorful past, doesn’t he? I really don’t know what kind of traction Meyer (and Morrison, for that matter) is getting, but I’ve been impressed with their willingness to fight and not concede anything. I didn’t realize until I compared the old map with the new one today (see them here) just how much the 6th CD had changed. Maybe incumbency won’t help Barton as much as it would have under the old map.

And finally, Martin Frost and Pete Sessions have signed a Clean Campaign pledge, which “commits both candidates to publicly disavow any outside group that advertises without the explicit consent of either candidate.” That’s a direct result of this ad, which was sponsored by a wacko fringe group that has a history of running such ads. I’ll be very interested to see how this plays out.

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  1. asdf says:

    Boy, Morrison really doesn’t know how to use a blog, does he?

    Hint: it’s not an event calendar.