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Corporate blogging

John Lyon sent me this link about Blogging With The Boss’ Blessing a week ago, and despite meaning to blog it I’d forgotten about it until I saw it again in Lis Riba’s journal. I expect to see more of this, too, and frankly I’m a little surprised that newspapers have been so slow to figure out how to use blogs to expand and enhance their online readership. I don’t think it’s a hard concept to grasp, and I don’t think it’d take much of an investment in money or personpower to make it pay off. Hell, I’ve got a dozen ideas for how the Chron could blog effectively, and I’d be more than happy to share them for a small but reasonable fee. (Yes, I know it’s not quite the same thing as Microsofties musing about product features, but it’s a first cousin to it.)

Anyway, it’s a good read, so check it out. And who knows? Maybe you can convince your boss that you should be your company’s Official Corporate Blogger. I can think of worse things to do during one’s nine-to-five.

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