Interview with Isabel Longoria

Isabel Longoria

As I’ve said before, I’m going to be doing a limited set of interviews this fall, with some more likely to follow for the runoffs. (Which will then blend right into the 2020 primaries, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.) My schedule and the sheer number of candidates don’t allow for anything more. One race that I do need to focus on is the one in my own district, District H, where two challengers have emerged against first-term incumbent CM Karla Cisneros. Isabel Longoria is someone I’ve known for a few years, through her work on the staffs of Rep. Jessica Farrar and then-Sen. Sylvia Garcia. She has also worked as a political consultant, and serves on the City of Houston’s Planning Commission, the Mayor’s LGBTQ Advisory Board, and a bunch of other things. Here’s what we talked about:

I never did get around to creating an Election 2019 page, in part because the Erik Manning spreadsheet has it all. My roundup of July finance reports that includes District H is here, and my 2015 interview with CM Cisneros, then a candidate for H, is here.

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8 Responses to Interview with Isabel Longoria

  1. David Fagan says:

    Thank you for asking about prop B, there are some firefighters who live in that district.

    Another good question would be if the candidate would vote to lay off fire fighters. That’s what I would want to know.

    If they support unions, is a mayor that wants to give a union the “worst deal possible” (as has been attributed to mayor Turner by existing council members) a quality this candidate can support since this candidate supports this mayor.

    Or, is “union support” just something good to say to get elected?

    What unions do they actually support, and how have they supported them?

    I’m sure there are union members in the district who would be interested.

  2. Ross says:

    Prop B was stupid, David. It was a BS rent seeking action by the firefighters union. I won’t vote for any candidate that supports Prop B. Firefighters are no more deserving of a raise than any other municipal employee, and are currently over compensated when the outrageously gold plated pension is considered.

  3. David Fagan says:

    Ross, please, go on…..

    Because I’m burnt out on this city, you can have it.

  4. C.L. says:

    David, no pun intended, but I’ll give you props – you continue to beat the horn for Prop B…even though the majority of Houston residents and elected officials told HFD to suck it.

  5. David Fagan says:

    Well, thank you C.L. It’s nice to feel the warm love of Houston, and the real truth also. It’s fine to be told to “go suck it” as long as no one fakes support. At least everyone knows where they stand. It’s worse to be told how much support there is in lip service, but no support when it comes to needs. Everyone is going to tell HFD suck it, just go to your local fire station and ask, I don’t think anyone will candy coat the truth. In fact, I don’t recall anyone coming by the station to do even that. So, yes C.L. thank you for your truthfulness.

    This is about thanking Kuff for asking the question, not about beating a drum. I’m under the assumption everyone commenting actually listened to the interview.

  6. Manny says:

    David I supported proposition B, and fully support Fire Fighters, but you have made me change my mind on Turner and I now support the re-election of Mayor Turner. as you so eloquently stated, “Me either”. Went to pick up my Turner sign this past week and now posted in front of my house.

  7. David Fagan says:

    Manny, I support every constitutional freedom that is inherent to you by God and the Constitution of The United States of America. I support them for you in the equal amount I value them for myself.

    I don’t have words for someone who thinks I am against them, or for someone who feels I am their target.

    I am just tired and do not want to be a part of this anymore. If you think that is a win, Manny, then congratulations, you win.

    I saw a man’s head crushed by a vehicle and his brains and blood oozed out into the city storm drain. I thought about how much time it would take for that too wash into the Bayou and how I’ve told people that waterway is polluted and kayaking in it can be a hazard. Of course, people don’t listen and want to do what they want to do, but I don’t think this guy who got his head crushed by a car ever thought that part of him would be kayaked over in a race. It’s just ironic, that person that kayaks doesn’t have to listen to anyone, the guy who got in the wreck and died because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt doesn’t have to listen to anyone, no one on this forum has to listen to anyone, but we value our first amendment rights to the point of blame, violence, and not listening to what anyone else has to say. All the while expecting someone to listen to ourselves and what we have to say.

    That doesn’t make any sense.


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