The Houston Roughnecks

Meet your new XFL team.

When the XFL kicks off in February, the Houston team will be known as the Houston Roughnecks.

The XFL unveiled team names and logos for all eight teams in the league Wednesday.

The Houston Roughnecks logo is a bit reminiscent of the old Houston Oilers with an oil derrick featured prominently. The team opted to go away from the Oilers’ Columbia blue though, and went with a more Texans-like red and blue.


The Roughnecks will be coached by June Jones, who was an NFL head coach with the Falcons and Chargers as well as an assistant for the Houston Oilers and Houston Gamblers. The team will play at the University of Houston’s TDECU Stadium. Season tickets are available here.

See here for the background. There are eight teams, including one in Dallas, and each city with the exception of Saint Louis has an existing NFl team. (A sore subject in St. Louis, that.) I dunno what the market for not-NFL football outside of the usual football season is – the last league to try it didn’t make it till the end of their first season – but we’ll see. I’m all about basketball and spring training by then, but your mileage may vary. Texas Monthly and the Press have more.

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3 Responses to The Houston Roughnecks

  1. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    No thank you. I hope Harris County Houston Sports Authority isnt providing any incentives to this fiasco

  2. C.L. says:

    I hope that do something to end the boredom of a typical NFL game (an avg of eleven minutes of action for a three+ hour game).

  3. Bill Daniels says:

    I’m halfway with Tom… tax incentives for this, but assuming that they are competing on their own merits, I welcome new business to our city.

    100% with C.L. here. They can win an audience by shortening the downtime and speeding up the games. I’ll give them a shot since I gave up on the virtue signalling NFL.

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