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Atrios unveiled

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Atrios is psuedonymous no more. His name is Duncan Black – it now says “Eschaton — a weblog by d u n c a n b l a c k” at the bottom of his page – and TalkLeft has a non-redacted picture of him. I think we can safely say that this proves my hypothesis that he was all along a non-insider, someone whom Andrew Sullivan would have passed by on the street without recognizing. Not any more, obviously.

I want to take a moment to give a brief shout-out to Ann Salisbury, whom I met along with Brian Linse and then-still-on-Blogspot Kevin Drum back in 2002 when I was in Anaheim on a business trip. Ann said at the time that she believed Atrios had an academic background, because she traced an IP address from an email he sent her to UC Irvine. Well, looks like she was right about that. Take a bow, Ann!

Via Kevin. There’s some more stuff about Atrios/Duncan Black in the comments as well.

UPDATE: That would be “UC Irvine”, not “Cal State Irvine”. My bad. Thanks to Ulrika in the comments for the catch.

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  1. Ulrika says:

    Cal State Irvine? What Bizarro alternate universe are you chillin’ in, Bwa? Here on Earth Prime, it’s UC Irvine.

  2. Ulrika says:

    De nada, chico. I am now fascinated by the possibility that Atrios and Kevin Drum may have been blogging within 5 miles of each other and not met at the time.

  3. Outed

    The identity of blogger Atrios is no longer a mystery. Well, kind of. The media reports he’s an “economics teacher” but bloggers place him at Media Matters. Interestingly, he appears to work with David Brock (of The Real Anita Hill and, more recently, …