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Interview with Shelley Kennedy

Shelley Kennedy

District C has been represented by Republicans and Democrats over the years, from the likes of Vince Ryan and Ellen Cohen to Martha Wong and Ann Clutterbuck. This cycle it showed a distinctive Democratic lean, with about 60% of the total vote going to candidates with a Democratic history and putting two Dems in the runoff. Shelley Kennedy is an entrepreneur who runs a health care consulting and wellness company who has served on the boards of BikeHouston, the Human Rights Campaign, Keep Houston Beautiful Commission, and the Independent Police Oversight Board. She’s also a longtime Democratic activist who has served on the State Democratic Executive Committee and for two terms as the Chair in Senate District 15. Here’s my interview with her:

You can still refer to the Erik Manning spreadsheet for your race and candidate information. The July finance reports that include District C are here, and the 30 day finance reports are here.

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  1. Mainstream says:

    Shelley Kennedy will likely pick up the support from most Republican activists and former candidates in the district, simply because she seems focused on city issues such as flood control, fixing potholes, improving safety and appearance of our neighborhoods. Plus she has run a business.

  2. Montrose Resident says:

    As is Abbie, but the difference is that Abbie is willing to get creative to help address issues instead of just throwing up her hands and saying that the city can’t do anything about it.