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Bazan withdraws lawsuit against Jackson Lee

Nice catch by Kevin: independent Congressional candidate Tom Bazan has withdrawn his lawsuit that alleged Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee failed to file her candidacy papers on time.

A candidate hoping to unseat U.S. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, in November has filed a notice to withdraw a lawsuit challenging her candidacy. Tom Bazan, an independent candidate for the 18th Congressional District, did not file his lawsuit on time and filed notice Monday to withdraw it, his attorney said. Bazan had claimed Jackson Lee had failed to file her application in time for the Democratic primary earlier this year.

As I said earlier, barring an accusation of perjury Gerry Birnbirg’s sworn statement should be the end of the matter. Whether Birnbirg’s testimony and Bazan’s retreat are related or not I can’t say, but the end result is not a surprise. Too bad Tim Fleck is no longer at the Press and George Strong is on vacation. I’ll bet one of them would have known what was going on here.

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  1. Greg Wythe says:

    I am TICKED that is not giving adequate coverage to this issue!!!!


  2. I’m TICKED TOO. Mebbe if you can convince the Kevster to post on CB this kind of thing won’t be missed.


  3. Beldar says:

    Curious. Could be a number of plausible explanations for how this came about the way it did. None of them are particularly flattering to the plaintiff and his counsel.

  4. Beldar!

    Thanks for reminding me to check your site. Excellent as always.

    FYI, Tom has commented a little on the post I linked above. FWIW.


  5. kevin whited says:

    Greg: I think maintaining the dog contest and the “features” page was probably keeping everyone too busy to catch the interesting local stuff. Honestly, as many pronouncements as Bazan makes in the comments, you woulda figured that he would’ve given them an exclusive! Well, except it’s apparently not so flattering… ah well. I still find Bazan a pretty fascinating character, and his emails and comments are often a useful alternative source of news about this city.

    Rob: Now now, you know very well why I’m not posting there, and that I’ve pretty carefully refrained from airing any laundry in public. I still like all you guys over there and wish ya well, so please don’t make me say any more. Especially on the site of a durn lefty! 🙂

    Beldar: You were gone for what seemed like a LONG time and I dropped you from my blogroll. Good to see you posting again. Now I just gotta go do blogroll maintenance (I hate that)!